Frequently asked questions:

  • Will eTree withstand bad weather conditions?

eTree was designed and planned with the intention to be planted worldwide
in terms of weather condition.
The tree can withstand 160 (km/h) wind and 70 cm of snow.

  •  Can eTree power other services?

 Yes. While eTree produces an average of 7kw per day, the applications it powers use
only 2kw per day. Therefore there is extra energy which can be used for other services.

  • What happens when there is not enough sun?

eTree uses only a small percentage of the energy it produces.
Therefore lack of sunshine will not be a problem.

  • What are its maintenance requirements?

eTree was designed to have minimum maintenance requirements.
The only regular action needed cleaning the glass panels once a year.
The panels do not need to be taken down.

  • Can eTree be shipped?

Yes. The eTree with its parts is packed with special support in a container of 20 feet (or 2 in 40 feet container). The assembly of the different parts is done on site by a local team.

  • How long does it take to install?

Most of the work is not done on site. Installation will take approximately 4 working days.