eTree was successfully launched in the Sustainability Garden at Ramat Hanadiv, Israel.

“eTree is a beautiful, environmentally-friendly mental and mobile charging zone  that could be a ‘hot’ new hangout spot in the not-so-distant future”, June 24, 2015

eTree is an environmental enterprise, an ecological sculpture that aims to promote awareness to sustainability within the community. The eTree is powered by solar panels that produce energy directly from the sun. It is an independent unit that produces green energy and provides a place of comfort and energy for a wide variety of services. The eTree has been selected among hundreds of candidate to plant the eTree in Paris in the international climate change summit COP 21 in December 2015.

The eTree Around the World

Climate summit, Paris

North Carolina, USA

The eTree in Bethlehem

California , USA

Tev-Aviv, Israel

Caribbean islands

Ramat Hanadive

Never, France

eTree grant all those who come to take shelter in the shade

Shaded recreation area with benches 

Docking station to charge smartphones and tablets

Services Free Wi Fi

A water trough for animals

 Cold drinking water

 Night illumination (bright top lighting / LED lamps)

LCD screen which provides information such as the amount of electricity generation by the tree

All possible electrical consumers such as a pump to operate the fountain

eTree is safe and accessible. It is radiation-free and immune from electrocution and meets stringent safety standards.


eTree adapts to the environment. It can be placed in residential areas and in urban areas, courtyards, schools and universities, parks and along hiking trails. It can also be placed in cultural institutions as an icon and a symbol of community, environment and green education.


Site Specific - eTree provide green energy and a place of comfort in diverse settings and according to different requirements. It is a material (not mechanical) unit designed for many years and provides the very existence of the company needs, thinking about the supportive community.


eTree offers a meeting place and social sharing. Option for communication between trees located worldwide.

Educational value - Everyone is talking about sustainability, ecology and environment, the Tree binds them all into practice.



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